one of my favorite quotes says...

"genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from ACTION!"

I grew up in a small town in the state of Utah. From a very young age, my desire was to change the world. You see, the world in which I lived had many barriers and as a young girl, I battled many prejudices because of my mocha-colored complexion. When I began school I was asked what I wanted to “be” when I grew up. Boldly I pronounced “I am going to be a world-changer”. With a scoff, my very prejudiced teacher made it known that because of my race, she believed I didn’t have the capacity to learn anything and as a result, I would never truly make an impact.

Thankfully, because of the words my parents spoke in our house, I didn’t believe her and over the years I have proven that I am changing the world one student at a time!

I am Terri Teaches.

I am a superhero educator and writing is my superpower.

I believe in taking ACTION

As a professional teacher, I have engaged learners from the elementary classroom to the professional development of instructional leaders for nearly 20 years. As an entrepreneur, I have created a space for experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and founders of nonprofits to level up in business by mastering their written communication. My free community called The WRITE Space has become the place people go when it has to be WRITE.

My mission as a professional is to teach well and lead the way.

I am deeply proud of all my professional and academic success, but my greatest accomplishment is my thriving family. My gorgeous husband Dr. Steven Hunt is a Pastor and licensed Psychologist and all three of my daughters (7, 13, and 21) are successful entrepreneurs.

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